Women Empowerment

Women Tailoring Centers

The main objective of this tailoring training program is to enhance the quality of life of women and teenage girls through enhancement of their skills and knowledge. Due to poverty, these teenage girls drop out of high school to get married and work as temporary farm workers, sweepers and manual scavengers. They needed to learn newer vocational skills such as tailoring (sewing) which can help them earn more income and become economically self-sufficient and independent. This will alleviate poverty, help them support their family needs without being dependent of husband and parents. In order to help them, The Bodhi House started free tailoring (sewing) training centers.

In these training centers, tailoring skills are imparted free of cost. Students are trained by a qualified professional tailoring teacher. Certificates are given to those who successfully complete the course. These tailoring classes enable women/Girls in rural and sub-urban areas to earn on their own, making them self-confident and self-dependent. After completing of 6 months rigorous training, some women/Girls can start their own tailoring shops, while many can secure well-paying jobs in the export garment factories in the nearby areas, or sub-contract work from large tailoring shops.

The Woman's Empowerment Project

The Bodhi House runs woman's empowerment projects in India. The concept of woman’s empowerment is to create a viable economic opportunity for widows and destitute woman living in poverty. This makes it attainable for them to give share to their family's disposable income in a safe manner. Empowering women economically allows for greater economic independence, self confidence, social participation and finally increased gender equality.